To help your savings grow, Amgen provides base and matching credits.

  1. You and Amgen Contribute

    Amgen contributes to your RMSA in two ways:

    • A $1,000 annual credit as well as potential interest credits (subject to change annually), plus
    • A company matching credit of 50% (up to $1,500)

    Elect after-tax contributions to your RMSA directly from your paycheck, up to:

    • 50% of your annual base pay, and/or
    • 80% of your annual commission pay and/or cash payment from any of the following: Value Enhancement Program (VEP), Global Management Incentive Plan (GMIP), or Executive Incentive Plan (EIP).


    Contact the Amgen Benefits Center at 800-97-AMGEN. Representatives are available Monday through Friday 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PT, excluding holidays.

Amgen Benefits Center
800-97-AMGEN (800-972-6436)